How it all started…and where we are now

Red-haired woman staring at you.

In my 30s I began a new chapter of life which allowed me to explore being a visual artist. Decades later my web presence has evolved into a selection of what those years have produced, what I’m doing now, and an opportunity for you to have originals and customized versions of images that speak to you to wear, hang, send, or collect.

I’ve discovered that images have a life of their own after they leave the easel, and are alive in a nurturing and undemanding way. Maybe even have vibrations like music, an aura, or kami. They continue to delight and surprise, enriching their surroundings. If you’ve ever bought a pot from a potter, jewelry from a maker, or clothes from a designer/sewer you might connect with my assertion.

It’s a delight after years in the studio to realize all those marks are dancing through the universe.

This website will give you a taste. Come back often.

Lyn Southworth Images